Downloadable Tarot Materials

The tarot decks and books provided here are out of copyright and may be downloaded for your personal use. Individuals may color their own decks and use them for their own purposes. The files on this website may be printed out on any paper or card stock and reduced or enlarged to any size. Individuals wishing to copyright and market a unique coloring scheme for these decks are advised to seek legal counsel before marketing their decks.


The Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.) Tarot Deck is a black and white tarot deck provided to students who are expected to color the deck during the first few months of their membership. We have the complete deck available as a zip file for people who'd like to have the complete deck on their computer. The cards are given on our website with four cards on each page though each card may be saved individually using your browser and the save picture as... command.

We have access to a set of the fully-colored B.O.T.A. Major Arcana you may use for your own purposes by giving credit to the artist Amanda Baker and the Christian Tarot Website.

Paul Foster Case wrote the Oracle of the Tarot but the copyright for this book has expired. Several years later he revised this material and republished it with his tarot deck. The Oracle of the Tarot sets forth the teachings of B.O.T.A. in a straight-forward manner. It gives complete coloring information for coloring the B.O.T.A. deck discussed above. This is one of the books strongly recommended to all tarot readers following a spiritual path.

Paul Foster Case wrote an excellent Introduction to Tarot that is out of copyright and out of print. He also wrote Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom that is out of copyright and out of print.


Alfred E. Waite worked with Pamela Colman Smith to create what is commonly called the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck. The original deck published by W. Rider in 1909-1911 is out of copyright and in the public domain. You may download your own copy of this historic deck and print out the cards yourself by using this link to Sacred Texts. You can also download the whole book if you'd like to have a copy in your library.

We also have a page of all the Major Arcana in black and white ready for you to print them out in the size you want on the paper or card stock of your choice. Then you can color them any way you want. This is a highly recommended exercise and lots of fun. My suggestion is to do them on paper first and then print them out on a very high quality card stock and color them the way you want.

Dion Fortune

One of Dion's superb books is called Psychic Self Defense. This 103 page book has long been out of print and the copyright of the original work has expired. A copy is available here as an Adobe Acrobat file.

The Society of Inner Light has an Adobe Acrobat file of Dion's most famous book The Mystical Qabalah which can be downloaded from there.

A:.A:. and Crowley

Liber 777 is a small 64 page book that is often considered one of Crowley's finest works. The copy we have is an old A:.A:. copy for which the copyright has expired. The book is out of print.

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