What do the Tarot Cards Really Mean?

What do the Tarot cards really mean? Exactly what you've programmed your mind to believe each card means.

The cards speak to each of us in a different way depending upon who we are and where we are on our own spiritual path. If you want to know what a particular card means to you, define that card before you ever do a tarot reading. If you define the meaning for every card, then you know what that card means when it appears.

Or, you can waste a good deal of your time memorizing what the cards mean for some other person and use their system. I say waste your time because when you use this approach, you don't always remember what the other person said about each and every card. That means you either look it up in their book or you guess. It's a waste of time to have to keep looking up the meanings of the cards every time you do a reading. And when you guess, there's always a chance you guessed wrong.

Whenever people try to argue with me about the meaning of any particular card, I know two things: 1) they're right, and 2) so am I. For them, that's what the card means. For me, the card means something else. We're both right.

Unfortunately, when I do a reading for another person, the cards mean what I say they mean. So, if the other person doesn't accept that meaning, I change strategies and let them do the reading for themselves. I call this my Mirror Reading technique.

I do that by having them shuffle the cards while forming their question. Next, I have them lay out the cards in the spread of my choice. Then I ask them what each card in the spread means to them. I write this down as a reminder if I need a reminder. Finally, I do the reading for them using the definitions they gave me for each card.

When I'm doing a regular reading, I shuffle the cards while pondering my client's question. I select the cards and the spread. I do the reading using my meanings for each of the cards. When I'm doing a Mirror Reading, they shuffle, select and define the cards. I choose the spread and do the reading and interpretation of the reading using their definitions for each card.

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